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Janice Muir achieved a goal as a young child to win a gold medal at state championships and yet one comment from a family member and she never ran again.

A common phrase heard by many in our lives,  What makes you think you are good enough and she never ran again.  

Author Janice Muir

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​​​​​​​Janice has a unique wat to share this story and takes you on a journey into the heart of the vision she held. 

Life dealt Janice some challenges and she lost her partner in 2002 to Alzheimer’s Dementia, she faced Cervical cancer in 2005 only to be with full blown breast cancer in 2006.Janice’s strength and tenacity to keep moving forward despite all odds, is to be commended. Her sheer determination, vision and focus to achieve is pure inspiration.
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Author of 3 books with several more in creation.

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A Vision to Win

This book came together because, my vision to win as a young person was lost. I had drive to run in either Montreal or Munich Olympic games.  A conversation around Christmas time with relatives considering aspirations in life: the question was asked.  I answered with confidence and quiet assured in my self to run in the Olympic Games.  A moments silience... and a moment of innocence... I had a dream; and a strong voice from the back of the gathering said;

"What makes you think you are good enough" and I never ran again!

Whenever I have shared this story to people it always reaches thier hearts, and you can tell they recognised times it has also happened to them.  The uncanny thing is, I did not know at the time what impact it would have on my life and I did not know, how to avoid the consequences in life.  It was not until 40 years later when I would really witness the power of this comments strength and the impact it did have on parts of my life.  

Author; Speaker; On-line Entrepreneur

We all have this inner power and we all use it every day in life.  This books shares an awareness of the inner voice and what it is saying to you is an indication for you to achieve anything in life.  Avoid the naysayers, follow your dreams, you will be so glad you did.


Author; Speaker;
​​​​​​​On-line Entrepreneur
​​​​​​​Janice Muir

A Vision To Win -

Harnessing The Power Of Your Imagination

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Events that happened

Interview for book Launch June 2018

Janice is interviewed with Trish Springsteen on the official launch for A Vision To Win


Video "So What's Your Story" Aug 2017  

Janice shares a part of her journey coping with Breast Cancer and the mind power connected to it


Videos of events that have occurred 

Video Quantum Leap - Business outlook 2018  

Janice shares, from a business perspective how many times do you take the Quantum Leap


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Books I have written and books I have plotted ready to move into production.

1.  The Well Used Key - Harnessing the power within  Published

Books Plotted:

2.  A book understanding the journey with Alzhiemers Dementia

3.  My journey - coping with Breast Cancer Alone

4.  A compilation book sharing stories of people reaching success
5.  A series of 4 Books  (2 already completed) Inspring the young           child to be the best they can be.

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